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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains


Therapy is a process.  A process by which you will discover possibilities for greater fulfillment, happiness, and productivity. Therapy creates awareness that heals old wounds, resolves old patterns and issues, and reframes old relationships that have kept you believing you're not enough. Therapy is a relationship with a trusted practitioner who is educated in the issues you are most concerned with and trained in effective techniques to help you reach your goals. With a professional who is non-judgmental, accessible, insightful and fully present, you can embrace your greatest strengths and develop a unique voice that will nurture you to grow long after our last session. Therapy is a powerful, transformative process and I am honored to accompany each of my clients on their journey.

My commitment to you each and every time we meet is that...
You will feel heard.
You will feel understood and respected.
You will feel safe, enabling you to explore a full range of thoughts and feelings.
Your courage will be met with great appreciation and support.
You might be challenged, when appropriate, to look at situations in a new way.
You will discover patterns in your relationships, your way of being, your choices, and your reactions.
You will see possibilities that you didn't recognize before.
You will learn how to be more connected and authentic in all of your relationships, including the relationship you have with yourself.
You will feel empowered to move your life in a direction that brings the best YOU to every situation.
You will learn powerful techniques that will change unhealthy patterns of thought, behavior and relationships.
You will realize that it really is possible to move past old hurts, painful memories and experiences, and fears about what's around the corner.  

I look forward to learning more about you, and to our work together!




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